The Buell Family

Claire was always very helpful and courteous. She became a friend. Very personable.
She really reached out to us during recent health issues with my wife. She was more than an agent. She always did the "little things" that made a super impression such as bringing lattes and snacks to us each time we went house looking. Great lady- you should be proud of having her as your representative!

The Wong/Curial Family

Claire Newman went above and beyond our expectations, she was fantastic in every sense of the word. I couldn't have asked for a better real estate agent, she really is top notch. She exceeded our expectations in so many ways. She was so responsive to all of our emails, she took pictures of our listings and sent them to us when we were out of town, she has been there to answer all of our questions and concerned, took time to explain to us the process and ensured that we understood each step, and the list goes on...
She went out and took pictures of houses that were were interested in, before even meeting. She has given me advice and recommendations on everything from tailors to restaurants to stores. She exceeded our expectations in every way possible.

The Fenzl Family

Claire was honest, friendly and attentive. She was very flexible with her time and made arrangements when it wasn't convenient for her.